Monday, December 5, 2016

Memory Mon 29 ~ Memories of Christmas Past

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Quilt Shot Block #82 ~ Coloring Book Challenge Block

Elkhorn Creek Quilt Guild Challenge 2016 #2
Coloring Book Page

 A coloring book was passed around,
we chose a page and tore it out to take with us.
We were to interpret the page anyway we liked to
convert to a quilt page.
I had several different ideas for a lady bug.
When I started searching online for more ideas,
I found the perfect paper piece pattern
that even included the leaves as shown on the coloring book page.
I found it at 

 I added strips to frame the piece.

  The part I don't like about paper piecing.
Probably could have left the paper intact
 since this is more of an art piece than something to be used everyday.

 Just a simple quilting job 1/4 inch inside some of the quilt pieces with a walking foot.

 The quilting threads were kept long so they could be pulled to the backside with a needle 
and tied off and stitched between layers to hide long ends before snipping.
A needle threader came in very handy.

 Mr. G had the idea to add the white strips to the top and size
to help increase the size and give it a sky type look.
I thought it was a great idea!
I liked the way it repeated the 2 white strips in the piece.
Using the self binding method:
The 1 inch wide ruler was used to cut the backing and batting.
The sides were double rolled and stitched down.

 Rod pocket for display and a name tag.

 At first, squares of scraps were used for the lady bug's black dots, but they frayed easily.
Decided to use buttons.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Foto ~ Touching and Sorting Christmas Fabrics

 I could get something done if I didn't play with my fabrics so much?
I do feel better if I feel a bit organized.

I have learned that if I put it away, 
it's out of sight out of mind and I forget it.
So, containers I can see through, really help.
This is a drawer of a 3 piece set I found on the curb.

Do you see the gold fabric?
It was actually a second hand shirt.
All year long I look for such sneaky fabric that ultimately costs pennies a yard.
It's FUN!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #66 ~ Movie, Popcorn & Giving Memories

Mr. G & I love to go to the movies probably more for the popcorn than the movie sometimes.
We are fortunate to have a second run movie theatre in our area
where we don't have to spend a ton of money on the movie.
They also offer a large one time purchase bucket with a free extra large soft drink
that is refilled throughout the rest of the year for 4 bucks compared to the usual 9$ !
Yes, it is amazing how much popcorn costs at the movie.
But, hey if it keeps our favorite place open,
our thinking is we will support.
I think I have now saved 5 of these buckets.
Each are labeled with a year date.
Right now one of them is coming in very handy holding strips of cloth
that I'm crocheting into a rug for a Christmas gift.

Do you make Christmas gifts?
Do you have a lot of thoughts run through your head about that person
while you are working on their gift?
I do.
 Now, I also have thoughts of some of the movies Mr. G and I have seen over the past years.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bow Bags

       Last year I made some gift bags to hold a tiny gift.  I accidentally designed these "Bow Bags."  
       I didn't want to place them under the tree, because they were so small.  So I laid them in the tree which turned out to be another accident as they did a great job decorating the tree.
     I only wished I'd had red fabric.

*A Tutorial Tuesday*
When I finished the bags, this is how they turned out.

Then I turned them side ways. Bows!
Here's how to make these quick Bow Bags:
 Cut a rectangle to make the size you need.
This one is 10 X 14 inches
 Serge or finish one long edge.

 Fold in half.  
In elementary school we say fold it hamburger style (verses hotdog style.)
 Then serge or finish the remaining 3 sides including the folded edge.
 One way to turn a corner using a serger is
at the end of the seam, tug a bit on the threads to release the threads a bit.
Raise the foot,
 and turn the corner.
 Set the needles on the edge and continue sewing next edge.
 The other way is to sew off the end and not cut.
 Turn the corner with the serged thread end
pulled to the right ready to be cut by the knife.
 On the left above is the first method, the right shows the second method.

 Trim the corners if you used the first method.
Ready to stuff the bottom half.

Gather the center where you will tie a ribbon.

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